Friday, January 23, 2004


Yes, I have finally finished the Local public finance exam we had to do at home and emailed it to my professor (ánd mayor of Zoetermeer). I've spend way too much hours on it and I must have searched half the web for the answers to the exam questions. At some point I even reached the end of the internet. (one of many ends as a matter of fact) It's just not funny having to go through 10 pages of google possibilities over and over again without finding anything usefull! But somehow I managed to finish it exactly on time. All I can do now is hope I did well enough on the questions...

And especially for my best friend Nizza, I made the "comment" a bit larger and in red, so she will be able to find it the next time she feels like commenting about something. :) And today my present for Nizza's birthday also finally came in. And no, I'm not yet going to tell you what it is! I found these two very funny Lord of the Rings avatars at a Live Journal for LotR icons.


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