Wednesday, January 14, 2004

In Memoriam

The whining I did in my last post about the question that was impossible to answer apparently wasn't necessary, because I've passed my Labor Economics with a 7.7 out of a possible 10. Which is quit an achievement considering I didn't know 3 of the 10 examquestions... So, that means I must have done the 7 remaining questions extremely well. But the important thing is I've passed another subject with a very nice grade! The exam I did yesterday morning was a piece of cake and I was already finished after one hour while we had three hours to complete the exam. And the next three weeks I can fully enjoy my free time, because I haven't got any other exams in January and my next semester won't start before February.

I was shocked yesterday, when I heard a teacher was shot through the head by one of his students. Mr. van Wieren was the vice-principal of the Terra College, a VMBO school in The Hague and for some incomprehensible reason a student shot him in the school canteen with lots of other teachers and kids present. All kinds of stories have been going round, one of them being that the student was suspended by van Wieren en he didn't agree with that decision. But the principal of the school told the media today that the student wasn't suspended at all and that it was likely he had been carrying the gun around at school for the first part of the day. Which makes this terrible incident even more incomprehensible. Mr. van Wieren died late last night and meanwhile a condolences book has been opened on the internet. I've already signed it, like many other people. You can find the condolences book here if you feel the need to write something as well.


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