Saturday, January 10, 2004


Today was the last day before studying starts again. *sigh* I didn't do much, but still managed to be productive. I've updated my website again, finished 'Sabriël' and started in 'Lirael' both by Garth Nix. And I've spend hours behind the computer, which is probably why my head feels a bit funny right now. The good news is that I've passed my first subject of the semester, 'English for the future'. And I've even passed it big time! The other subjects shouldn't really be much of a problem either, but that also depends on the professors. Last monday I did my Labor Economics, which contained a question about a term I had never heard off in my life. I had absolutely no clue what he was talking about. And apparently I wasn't the only one, because afterwards everyone was asking each other what the answer was supposed to be. Once I got home I decided to look it up in my book and yes, there it was. It was an example of eight lines in a book of 600 pages.... Does he really expect us to remember such small details? Or is he just one of those teachers that always includes a question on the test that is just about impossible to answer, except if you have a photographic memory??? "To make sure no one gets everything correct." *grrrr* That's just mean!!

Okay, I've finally calmed myself down and I'll leave you with an avatar of my favorite LotR-couple.


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