Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Talking stomachs

I had my Labor Economics exam yesterday and it went considerably well. It's nice to know I didn't spent my entire weekend studying for nothing. Having made the exam I feel they should forbid having to do exams at the end of the day. Our exam was from 15.45 untill 18.45, so everyone was making noises at some point during the exam. Some people were eating and making lots of noise with the bags and wrappings of whatever they were eating. And the stomachs of the other people were telling their owners that they would like whatever their neighbour was having too. Which doesn't exactly improve your concentration. But now I have a couple of days for myself and then it's back to studying again for my next exam on Tuesday. Yes, the life of a student can be extremely tiring sometimes...

Furthermore, I've discovered the perfect sharing system and I want you to know about it. It's called DC++ and it works at least ten times better then Kazaa or any other sharing programme. It's unbelievable what you can find through Direct Connect! Music from bands I thought I only knew about, complete comic collections and just about every movie you would ever want to see. You can download DC++ here. I know it's illegal and some part of me also thinks it's wrong, but I still use it. I just don't believe it's normal for them to ask 22 euro for a CD that sometimes isn't even 60 minutes long! If they would make it less expensive to buy CD's people wouldn't be so tempted to illegally download them from the internet.


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