Monday, January 19, 2004


I'm feeling really tired today. I don't know why, but I'm unable to think because my mind drifts off a couple of times per minute. And I can't seem to focus my eyes properly, so I'm feeling rather dizzy. And I don't want to feel dizzy and tired right now, because I still have an exam to do. I did half already, but that was the easy half... This is a rather stupid subject any way, because all we had to do was write an essay and do this exam at home. I wish I had know this before, because then I would have gone to even less of the lectures. You don't even need the lectures to answer the exam questions! You can just search the internet and look them up. Anyone could have done this exam without ever following the subject! I find that rather stupid of the teacher, but I certainly won't say no to easy studypoints.

Furthermore, I had a great weekend. I went to the 'Pazzop' with Nizza and Ancalagon saturday evening and we had a great time. The atmosphere was convivial and I had a very pleasant evening. The music was good, the people were nice ánd the 'Pazzop' isn't expensive. Too bad Ancalagon didn't win any of the dart games, but he did come really close. Better luck next time! :) Onto another subject: my cousin gave birth to very sweet Max which means my grandmother became a great-grandmother. :)

Lastly, a link to Googlism.com to find out what the Web has to say about you. This is what googlism.com thinks of my nickname Milamber and of my real name Hilde.


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