Monday, January 26, 2004


Sometimes I really do not understand my parents. This entire weekend they have been bugging me upto the point where I almost exploded. They are accusing me of commenting on them too quickly, but I don't see it that way at all. I'll try to explain. For example, we have a dishwasher and we sort of have a rule that everyone puts their own stuff in the dishwasher. And a few times in the past I forgot or just didn't feel like putting it in and every time I got a speech and the 'next time, put it in yourself!' from my mother. So, from that time on I've been putting my stuff in myself. This saturday we had eaten together and I decided to put everything in the dishwasher. By the time I was finished, my father was still eating his pudding and I told him 'just put it in yourself' when I left the kitchen, because I know otherwise he won't do it. And all of a sudden I got this 'I'm not your slave'- comment back from him and I'm like .. 'What????'. And then my mother also decided to join in and said that I shouldn't comment upon them so quickly. And that I should keep my comments to myself. I really thought they had gone mental, but I decided it was better not to press the matter, because it would only make things worse.

After that, on sunday I wanted to take a shower and because our bathroom normally is quit cold I put the heating on "1". When I came back 15 minutes later to go take a shower it was incredibly hot in the bathroom and I didn't understand why at first. But then I looked at the heating and it was on "2", which really makes a huge difference. It was way too hot, so I put the heating back and decided to wait another 10 minutes for it to cool down a bit. I asked my dad 'Did you put the heating higher?' ' - Yeah' 'Why???' ' - Don't commentate so quickly!'. And again I was like .. 'What?????'. I ask you a simple question and you turn it on me? But again, I thought it best not to press the matter.

Later that evening my brother was behind the computer and my mother asked him from the living room if she could, without any response from him. When he was still behind the computer 15 minutes I went to him and asked him if he had heard what my mother had asked, because he's always wearing headphones behind the computer and he really doesn't hear anything when he's wearing them. But before my brother could even respond to me, both my parents went off. 'Don't commentate so quickly!' 'You should know when to shut up!' 'Keep your comments to yourself!'. I was blown away and we didn't speak to eachother for the entire evening. When my father and brother had gone to bed my mother gave me a huge speech about me commenting on them, and that I speak whatever I think too quickly, and that I should keep more to myself, etc. etc. I just didn't react to that, so she went to bed with 'not amenable to reason'.

We do have to live together so it's normal that you criticize or comment on eachother sometimes. But it shouldn't be one way criticism! I'm as much an adult and part of this household as they are. So should I just take everything and never be allowed to say anything in return? They don't understand how much of those comments I already keep inside. If I would really say everything that comes to mind I certainly wouldn't be living at home anymore! I'm sick and tired of this. I have always respected their rules, but from now on I will not take them seriously any more. My brother has always been breaking rules and continues to break rules over and over and over again, without any reprimands. So, wy have I always kept myself to the rules??? I'm not going to do it anymore.


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