Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The Dental Surgeon (part 1)

Last monday I had an appointment with the dental surgeon in the hospital to remove two of my wisdom-teeth. I had a very early appointment at 8.30, so I didn't have to wait and ten minutes later I already had two teeth less in my mouth. The removal of the teeth itself only took two minutes. The anaesthesia and the waiting for the anaesthetic to kick in took the most time. The dental surgeon had to put in some effort, but he got the two teeth out without having to cut. They even asked me wether I would like to take the teeth home.... Well, no. It's not like I have a very emotional bond with them. I'm just glad they're out, so I finally have some space again in my mouth! And I will have to come back in 4 weeks so my other two wisdom-teeth can be removed.
I must say that during the removal it didn't hurt at all, but after the anaesthetic had worn off it did started to hurt. It's this whining pain, and because this pain is in my head I can't focuss at all and I have a constant headache. Probably also because the dental surgeon had to use a lot of force. He did prescribe me some medicines, and they do work for the most part. But I get really really tired and very sleepy when I take them, so I still can't focuss! So it's the choice between having annoying pain or being in a half-awake state. I mostly go for the latter, because I can't do anything for school anyway. I've tried to read for school, but it just didn't work. I had to read every line three times before it stayed in my head long enough for me to understand what it said. I just hate it, when you want to do something for school, but you can't! *sigh*