Monday, March 22, 2004

The end of hope

"The Israeli army has killed the founder and spiritual leader of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. He was killed earlier today when he was leaving a mosque in an Israeli targeted helicopter attack that did not just kill him, but killed at least eight others including two of his sons and wounded lots of other people. "

I had posted a piece about the Israel – Palestinians conflict about a month ago in which I said I was trying to stay objective, but this has become impossible for me today. I cannot believe the Israelies assassinated the leader of Hamas. They can’t be that stupid that they don’t understand what this assassination will lead to. They have created an explosive situation that will end in the death of many Israeli people, because the Palestinians will have their revenge. This is possibly the worst thing the Israelies could have done to protect their country against terrorists and the Palestinian people. They have stirred up bad blood with the international community, but they have started even more blind hatred from the Palestinians. And I’m afraid that the Israeli people will very much regret this assassination before too long. Before today I still had a very small amount of hope that things would become better, but that hope is entirely gone now. This can only end in destruction, chaos, assassinations and death. Thank you very much for that mr. Sharon... and do watch your back.


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