Monday, March 22, 2004

Shame on you!

Princess Juliana, the former Queen of the Netherlands and queen-mother died Saturday at the age of 94. (may she rest in peace) And like they do whenever an important royal person dies, the Dutch television stations -including MTV and TMF- changed their programming. At least one good thing came out of her death (at least I thought...), because both music stations -and especially MTV- were finally showing videos of some decent music. They were playing music and showing videos they normally never play. I was even able to leave the television on MTV for several videos, which is something that just about never happens, because the Dutch MTV is way too commercial for my taste. I'm not exactly into the commercial shitty musicvideos they normally show. But this was in the afternoon…
When I zapped to the television stations later that evening I saw that they were showing the exact same videos they had been showing earlier that day in the exact same order. They apparently couldn’t even come up with enough decent music videos to fill the entire day! Shame on you MTV and TMF! I never thought I could think even less of you than I already did, but you managed to do it anyway. I want an alternative music station, that does know what music is about!

Furthermore, you probably already know I think very highly of Michael Moore, but since I've been able to download the entire first season and part of the second season of 'The Awful Truth' I hold him in an even higher respect. I had missed most of the series when it was shown some time ago on the Dutch television, so I'm really thankfull to the lovely person on Direct Connect that put these two seasons online. Especially 'fiscus for congress' is a classic! For those people that don't have any idea what a fiscus is: it's a plant. If you have the chance to watch 'The Awful Truth', do it, because it's incredibly funny and also critical about society.


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