Thursday, April 29, 2004


I hoped and hoped, but the pain still kicked in Tuesday evening and it hasn't gotten much better since then. But it's at least not as bad as it was with the first two teeth. I'm very glad the dental surgeon described some medicine again, because the pills relieve the pain a bit, but you also get kinda high when you take one. I wouldn't know what being high really feels like, but I think this comes quit close in some ways. My head feels extremely weird, I'm tired, my eyes can't focus, I'm listless and I can't think straight. And because I had to finish an important assignment, I decided not to take a pill until I had finished it, just to be on the safe side. Who knows what kind of weird things I would start writing if I did take it....

Kunta, the new dog, is still doing very well. We've already taught him to sit, stay, and give a paw on command. He has been house-trained just about from the start, with very few exceptions. And since we found out that when he starts whining and barking at night when he's in his cage, it means he has to pie we've had a reasonable amount of sleep again. The big problem now is to teach him to relieve himself when we go for a walk on the street. He just doesn't get it yet, and he's way too distracted because of all the new things around him to do his thing. But I suspect his instinct will take over at some point. It's just a matter of time.

As you might have read in the comment section I've finally found the crack for Zuma Deluxe through Direct Connect (DC++) and because I've noticed more people are interested in it I've placed it on the internet. So, if everything goes well, you can download it here (WinZip file). I also found a website where you can download the AstroPop Deluxe game. It's not a crack, but the entire game. So have fun and download it here.