Thursday, April 15, 2004

The new dog

Like the title says: we have a new dog! A few weeks after our former dog Toby died we all felt we were ready and it was time for a new dog. Coincidently there was a litter of dogs with about the right age, so we could take him home. It’s again a Scottish collie and we’ve called him Kunta (I'm very curious wether anyone knows where the name came from). He was born on the 29th of February, so he’s about 6,5 weeks old. He looks adorable, sweet and extremely cute. Of course that says nothing at all, because the same could be said about just about every young animal… We’ve only had him for a short time, but we’ve already noticed he’s a very intelligent dog. He learns things rather quickly and he’s also a bit naughty at times. He has to try everything, because everything is new. The worst part is at night, because he barks and whines for hours, so we (including our neighbours) haven’t been sleeping very well lately. But for the most part he’s been really good and we’re all very surprised it went this well. Let’s just hope it will stay this way.

It’s –again- been a while since my latest post with the very simple reason that I’m extremely busy with my study and I don’t want to bore you with all my daily complaints about my study. Besides the new dog, nothing major has happened in my life. Like usual. I currently have an Easter holiday, which was really necessary because I was (and still am, but a little less) behind with my reading for most of my subjects. So this holiday is the perfect time to catch up. Although, with a young puppy running around all the time it isn’t always that easy to focus on the text you’re reading. Thankfully, he’s sleeping right now so I can finally post without having to check where he is every single minute. Because my father has to work and my brother has to go to university, it’s just me and my mother with Kunta during the day. And my mother also had a lot of work to do, so I’m the one who has to look after him most of the time during the day. Getting much schoolwork done isn’t really feasible.

I’ve finished reading book three of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, The Dragon Reborn, and started in book four. It really is a great series and I hope the other books won’t disappoint me, because I’ve heard some stories about the series becoming less interesting later on. With some help of Direct Connect (DC++) I’ve also downloaded a lot of new music including Johannes Heil, Aphex Twin, Manu Chao, Saltatio Mortis], a lot of Spawn comics and the cracks for most PopCap Deluxe Games. Unfortunately I still haven’t found the cracks for Zuma Deluxe and Astro Pop…
One last thing: I just wish to thank Nizza for the lovely Easter card! We certainly know better.


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