Sunday, May 30, 2004


I feel sick.....

The SandmanIt's my father's birthday today (he's turned 53) and he celebrated his birthday yesterday evening. I already felt like shit, but having to go through all of that and not being able to go to bed early made it even worse. I feel like I have this huge hang-over, but I haven't drunk any alcohol. So I'm feeling like crap without reason because it's not like those parties with the entire family are any fun. Most of them are extremely ignorant and are full of prejudice. And whenever they've consumed alcohol it seems to be even worse. There are many moments during an evening like last night when I have to hold myself back not to say anything. They (my uncles, aunts and most of their children) are just very different from myself and they don't understand how I or anyone else can be different from them or think differently. They fully believe I should live my life the way they do. They're very narrow-minded and I'm grateful I'm nothing like them.

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