Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Philosophy of the Economy

A week ago I had my last lecture of this university year. I’m currently in my examination period, which lasts 5 weeks. Every week I have one examination, so it’s not that busy and I still have time to relax in between. Next Friday I’ll have my Philosophy of the Economy exam and the last couple of days I’ve been working on a summary. I’ve finally finished it a few minutes ago and tomorrow is the day I’m going to learn it by heart. You might think it’s a bit odd I only start really learning my exam on the last day, but that’s just how it works best for me. I’ve never been able to start studying days before my exam. I make summaries, old exams and practice questions, but only on the last day before my exam I start to study it by heart. And it has always worked for me, because in the three years I’ve been at university I’ve passed all my examinations at once, except one subject which I absolutely hated and had to do three times.

Every year we get one philosophical subject, and although normally I’m quit into philosophy, most of those subjects are extremely boring and rather difficult for a plain economy student. I think the most important reason why these subjects aren’t interesting is the professors that teach them. They don’t know how to make the stuff interesting for people that don’t study philosophy. Last year we had a professor that just threw incomprehensible phrases around and expected us to understand what he was talking about. We started the lectures with over 350 people, but every lecture less people were showing up and in the end only about 25 people were still going. I’ve really tried to go to his lectures like many other students, but it was pointless. We sat there -again and again- and tried to make sense of what he was saying, but within 5 minutes everyone had dropped out. After that experience last year the professor we had this year was a lot better, because we could at least understand him. But the subject-matter was still boring. He at least thought about how to make it more interesting for us and he decided to have discussion lectures. You could even earn an extra bonus point for your final examination mark by participating in these discussions. But having a discussion with 50 people during a lecture that only lasts for 30 minutes simply doesn’t work! So no extra bonus point for me…. We’ll just have to wait and see what the examination brings, because you never know with philosophical subjects. *sigh*


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