Monday, May 17, 2004

Tests (1)

Hmmm, very interesting test, this "Who will you be stuck with at the end of time"! Can't say the outcome doesn't fit me. First, I murder everyone and then I get stuck with Michael Moore and make a coconut radio. Could be worse I suppose... At least I'm stuck with one of my heroes, so that should be interesting. Kind of wondering how I'm going to kill the rest of you... Furthermore, if I fill in my entire name (Hilde de Bresser), I'll still get stuck with Michael Moore, but this time for a much shorter period and because I was dead, but then wasn't. (?) Michael will still think I'm God, but I won't make a coconut radio but run far, far away. (What differences little changes make in these kind of tests) If I fill in my nickname Milamber I'm going to get stuck with George Bush. A true hell and way too scary to think about. So, I'll just remove that image from my memory.
The second test about "What is your destiny?" is probably not really reassuring the people who might think or suspect I'm evil after the first test... I'm really quit nice! Really, I am..... At least, I thought I was...

Who will you be stuck with at the end of time? by chi_a_baidh
Your name is
Your sex is
Your favorite color is
You are stuck there becauseyou murdered everyone else
For _____ years79
With Michael Moore. Click for pic.
He/She will think you arestrong
You willmake a coconut radio

What is Your Destiny? by Valcion
DestinyDestroyer of Human kind
Date when you fufill your destinyOctober 17, 2011


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