Thursday, June 17, 2004

Bits and pieces

I've just had my oral examination for Economic History and I've passed it! It didn't go all that well, so I only got a 6,5 but that's not important. I've long ago dropped the need to get high grades for every single exam and every subject. I'm satisfied whenever I pass a subject, wether it's with a 5,5 or a 8,5. It's all about the credit points and no longer about the grades. This subject was a lot to learn and if he then asks you about the things you don't know that well... How typical, again. But the professor from Belgium (always nice to listen to the Flemish accent) does know how to make people feel at ease, so there was no stress whatsoever. What a difference with the other oral exam I had this year! Next week I have my second oral exam with the Belgian professor and I hope that one will go somewhat better. At least I know what to expect now and I won't be as nervous as I was today.

I've been watching the European Soccer Championship matches this week, including the match between Germany and the Netherlands. I don't want to say much about that last match, except that it was almost too terrible to watch. If they play like that again I do hope the Czech Republic or Latvia will kick their ass and kick them out of the tournament.

Furthermore, a big CONGRATULATIONS to Joris and Jua 'cause they've passed their VWO final examination! And of course, congratulations to everyone else that has passed his or her final examination. Good luck with wathever you're going to do next.


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