Tuesday, June 22, 2004

The holiday in sight

Since my last post I've received the results for two of my subjects and I've passed them both! My final grade for Philosophy of the Economy is a 7,5 which is a lot higher than what I was expecting, because the exam was ridiculously detailed and difficult. I had a 5,4 for my Growth & Technology exam, but my average grade for the exercises compensated for that. So my final grade is a 6,5. I'm very happy with these results because I wasn't expecting these grades and it certainly wouldn't have surprised me if I hadn't passed these subjects at all. The results for my third written exam, Development Economics, may take a while because the professor has been called away to South-Africa on family business.

I have one last oral examination on Friday and after that: summer holiday! Two whole months! Can't wait! And if I pass the exam on Friday I (probably & hopefully) won't have to come back in August to do any re-examination, because I will have passed every single exam I had this year at once. I'm the greatest!


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