Thursday, June 10, 2004

My life isn't that boring after all

I woke up in the middle of the night with a weird and terrible pain in my left leg, my calf (kuit in het Nederlands) to be exact. It hurt so much I almost fainted. That really is a very strange experience and those are the times you are very grateful you still live at home with your mom and dad. I woke them up because I felt something wasn't right. Not a bad decision afterwards. My mother is absolutely great in these kind of situations, all maternal love, which was exactly what I needed at that time. She also immediately knew what had happened: cramp. Still don't know why or how I got it, but I do know it hurts like hell at its worst. I didn't get much sleep after that experience, so I slept less then 4 hours. At 06.10 I had to get out of bed and go catch my 06.58 bus to university, because I had my Growth and Technology examination at 08.45. Considering the situation above, the lack of sleep and the fact that this is probably the most difficult subject of this year it went okay. Don't know whether I've passed it, but there's a reasonable chance. The exam only counts for 50% of the final grade and for the other 50% I had a 7,375. That should turn out okay, except if the professor goes on with his plan to demand that you should have a 5,5 or higher for you examination to pass the subject...

I already bought a school diary for next year (2004/2005). I was going to buy a Loesje diary like I've done for many years, but I stumbled upon the Ruby Gloom diary and decided to buy that one. It's a lot thinner, smaller, with all the basics, much more my style and it contains stickers.

I also bought 2 CD's and a book at Bol.com because they were having sales. Boulevard by St. Germain, Blue Lines by Massive Attack and Tales from the Perilous Realm by J.R.R. Tolkien have been added to my collection. All those sales aren't very good for my savings....

Yesterday my grandmother received a letter from her TV guide that said she had won a prize. She had no idea what it was, but she suspected I had something to do with it, and of course I had. I had participated in a competition in her name because you could win a DVD and soundtrack of Goodbye Lenin. And I actually won! Excellent! I suspect I won because there were very few people that participated, because they didn't know the movie and this prize was relatively small compared to the other possible prizes. But I'm totally happy about winning this set. Goodbye Lenin is a great movie that I don't mind having in my DVD collection.


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