Tuesday, September 14, 2004


I had my first and last presentation of the semester yesterday (if I understood everything correctly). It didn’t go all that well, but I’m still here, so… I generally don’t mind doing presentations, but there’s a major difference between doing a presentation about your own work and something you’ve done research on yourself and having to do a presentation about an immense paper written by someone else about something you know nothing about. I had to do the latter this time, and I really don’t like doing those. The girl I had to do this presentation with, Renske, was great. I had never worked with her before and we didn’t really know each other, but everything went smoothly. I certainly could have been thrown together with someone a lot worse, so I was rather lucky to have ended up with her.

I’ve discovered so many new bands lately that I almost can’t keep up with it. Feindflug, BlutEngel, Corvus Corax, Arovane, Boards of Canada, Faun, In Extremo, Chris Clark, Autechre, Laibach, Tanzwut, and so on. (Mostly German bands now that I think about it) Makes me really happy I have a fast internet internet-connection and a very good sharing program. I know it’s illegal and everything but without such a sharing program I would never have discovered those bands in the first place. I do promise I will buy those CD’s later in life, bit by bit. Because I do value a real CD and I do feel that smaller bands can use every single CD they sell. Once I’m student off and I have a decent job they’ll get the money they deserve. But currently not having the money to buy the CD’s is no reason not to enjoy their music at the present time. I still believe sharing programs are a very good way for small bands to get their music out into the world. The more people download their music, the more people will listen to their music, the more people will recommend the music to others, the more the bands will be known. And in the end it will pay off. At least, that’s my point of view, anyone is free to differ.

I feel like I could be getting sick any day now… I really don’t want to get sick at the moment, because I absolutely want to go to the meeting this Saturday and I don’t have time to get sick!


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