Saturday, September 04, 2004

"Get all the fools on your side and you can be elected to anything"

You probably all know what I'm aiming at with the title. I could write an extensive essay on it, but I think this quote says it all. It's a quote by Frank Dane, for those who are curious.

Some days ago I ordered the books I’ll need the next semester at university: 125 euro for three books. It isn’t that much money if you take in to consideration that there have been semesters I’ve had to pay over twice the amount, but still… The books I’ve had to buy during my economics study have always been extremely expensive. My most expensive book was something around 80 eur0, of which we only did half the chapters. I really could have kicked our professor for that. If you make us buy an 80 euro book, at least use it extensively!

My first week in the new university year hasn’t even officially started, but I’m already busy. For the first lecture of Growth on Monday we already have to read an article of over 200 pages. It took me hours to print before I could even start reading. These next few months I will use many, many, many print cartridges and a lot of trees. Terribly sorry, but I just can’t read from the computer screen…
For the other seminar I have to do a presentation on an article of 142 pages on the 13th of September, with a girl I don’t really know and have never worked with before. So this first week is going to be very busy. What a way to start the new university year…. Although, being the first to present an article for this subject does have one advantage. As we’re the first and don’t really know what’s expected of us we are allowed to make mistakes. I’m so not looking forward to it…

Things I am looking forward to:
18 / 09 – Meeting ‘Het Nest’-forum in Den Bosch
24 / 09 – BlutEngel (+ Say Y + Cephalgy + DJ -X-X-X- (Cybergothic Syndrome), Effenaar in Eindhoven


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