Monday, September 20, 2004

My back is killing me

My back is killing me. It’s the result of the meeting Saturday and I should have known this would happen. I’ve learned from my experience with this kind of back pain last year that I should rest and lie down as much as possible. Last year I didn’t do that immediately from the beginning which resulted in me not being able to do anything for about two weeks and having to cope with incredible pain. I’m trying to avoid the same thing from happening now, because I can’t possibly not do anything for two weeks during a university year.

Because today would have been a very bad day for my back at university I didn’t go. I just know it would have made things even worse, as I can’t go and have a lie-down in the middle of the classroom or the bus or something. And it’s not like the chairs we have are very comfortable. I know for sure it was the best choice to stay at home. Even if I know this one girl from university is going to panic because I wasn’t there, as we were supposed to do some work together today. But there is plenty of time left to do it and I don’t think we would have gotten far anyway, so I’m not going to panic over that. It’s not like I can help it, so I’m not going to get all stressful about it.

Furthermore I just wish to point out that last week hotmail has been having some issues. Several people I know of (including myself) have been getting and sending emails with a three-days-delay. So if someone sent me an email on Tuesday I only received it in my inbox at Friday, while it did say that the mail had already been send on Tuesday. Extremely annoying. I don’t know if it’s back to normal again, so check if it is if you have to send an email that has to be delivered on time. Or use some other email-account.

I'm going to lie down again......


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