Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Netherlands deserve better!

I’m going to the demonstration in Amsterdam this Saturday. It’s a demonstration against the plans of the government. I’m going with my best friend Nizza and if everything goes well we’ll meet some more people from the Skwuig forum at the Amsterdam Amstel station. We will be carrying a banner with the text: “The future of the Netherlands is dark.” (in Dutch of course) And to corroborate the statement we’ll all be entirely dressed in black. Hopefully we’ll meet some people from other fora as well, but I’m afraid it’s going to be difficult to find each other. I was able to get Nizza and myself two traintickets, so we can travel for free. I’m very curious wether the NS is going to have trouble with all the people travelling to and from Amsterdam by train.

I really hope the turn-out is going to be high. I know a lot people (probably most people) are always complaining about the government, but now is the time to show you’re not going to take everything they want to push through. I really don’t understand people that always complain and whine, but stay at home when it’s time to act. If you don’t think it’s worth sacrificing one Saturday than don’t start complaining later! Now is the time to collectively make a statement against the government’s plans. The more people show up, the better the message will come across. So if you have any interest in your own future, go and demonstrate with us! If you think travelling to Amsterdam is to expensive, try to get a free trainticket from an FNV-member that isn’t going to the demonstration. I’m very sure they would gladly give you the ticket if they can’t go themselves. Or try to travel with someone who has a OV-card, so you at least get to travel for less money. Even some of my aunts and uncles are going and if they’re going just about everyone could go because they’re one of the last people that would go to a demonstration.

Let yourself be heard! Even if they won’t listen (and I know they won’t), we can at least show them the Dutch people don’t agree with their policies. The official demonstration will take place at the Museumplein from 12.00 till 14.00. Be there!


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