Monday, September 06, 2004

Silence is golden

Today must have been the quietest bus ride I’ve ever experienced in the three years I've been riding the bus on a daily basis to university. There was complete silence for the entire ride (one hour) in a bus totally filled with people. And when the only two people that spoke briefly during the ride talked to each other, they hushed their voices, respecting the silence. I don’t know whether it was the intense heat or the fact that it was the end of the first day in the new school year. In any case, silence was golden.

Saturday evening I was downloading some stuff with Direct Connect ++ when I was approached by someone who complimented me on my huge Aphex Twin collection. For me, that already says enough about a person, so I started talking to him. We both had the same taste in music, comics and books for the most part. He recommended some comics and music, resulting in loads of new stuff on my computer. The music by Autechre is amazing. It’s ambient music comparable to Aphex Twin (if you should have to compare it to anything) and the band is from Warp Records (as is Aphex Twin). Further recommendation: the equally amazing Chris Clark (also from Warp Records). Chris Clark’s album, ‘Empty the Bones of You’ is incredible. I totally adore this kind of music. I can just sit listening to it for hours while my mind travels to weird and dark places. It’s such beautiful and diverse music!

This person I talked to was from the States so of course I asked what he was voting for. “I’ll vote for the first guy who sneezes at the podium. Not Bush. It takes an IQ over 56 to not vote for Bush.” Did I tell you how much I liked this person? :) You can find the blog of this weird but very cool guy (started Saturday after our talk and me saying he should start a blog) here.

Meeting people through the internet like that never stops to amaze me.


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