Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I'm me

Last Saturday evening I went to the Pazzop (the local youth centre) with Nizza, KrankyFranky and Sjoerdt. We were the only ones there all night (except for 15 minutes when this one guy cam in to have a quick beer, but he probably noticed it wasn’t exactly a booming night so he left very soon after finishing his beer). Although it was just the four of us it was a great evening/night. Just hanging out together, drinking tea (or beer), talking about stuff and listening to the wonderful sounds of DJ Nizza. That is one major advantage of a slow night: listening to the music you want to hear all night and not having to take into account what others want to hear and doing request all night. So we spend our evening listening to BlutEngel, Rammstein, Feindflug, Laibach, ASP, Faun, Tanzwut, Hedningarna and more cybergothic, industrial and psychedelic stuff. Exactly the kind of music I want to hear on an evening out. I’m really glad Nizza and I like about the same kind of music and bands, but it’s kind of weird too how we always feel the same way about music. That’s best friends for you I guess…

Last Monday the dress I bought from Morgana arrived. It’s absolutely beautiful and fits perfectly. I’m really happy with it and I’m currently wearing it. (Picture 1Picture 2) My mother wasn’t very pleased when she saw what I had bought, with the usual arguments. “What a waste of money! You are never going to wear it anyway!” The usual blablabla really. She absolutely doesn’t want me to go out on the streets wearing this dress or my other black dress. When I asked her why, she couldn’t really explain it to me. Her main argument was that people would talk. *sigh* People will talk anyway and who cares what people think as long as I feel comfortable? She can be really old-fashioned at times, especially concerning cloths. I still haven't figured out why...


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