Saturday, October 09, 2004

Kind of busy...

Busy with printing I don’t know how many papers a week. Busy with reading papers for the Social Economic Policy and Growth seminars. Busy with doing immensely large and difficult assignments for Growth that take about 25 hours a week. Busy with trying to find a subject to do my final special paper (afstudeerscriptie) about. Busy with trying to find a place where I can do my traineeship next semester. Busy with writing the third-year special paper (scriptie) I should have done last year. You could say I’m getting a bit stressful…..

I’m really looking forward to my autumn break. Not that I won’t be busy then, because I’ll have to finish the Growth assignments and write my third-year special paper, but I’ll at least be able to do all this at home and I won’t lose about three or four hours on traveling every time I have to go to university. (Sorry for the long sentence)

Yesterday I bought a MP3/CD player, so I can at least listen to my favorite downloaded CD’s while I’m being busy. 700 MB’s filled with BlutEngel, Corvus Corax, In Extremo, Miss Kitten, Johannes Heil and artists from Warp Records and Digital Hardcore Recordings. That’s what makes being busy bearable for me.


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