Monday, October 04, 2004


Today was a very good day. It was a kind of weird day too, because everything seemed to go right and I was enjoying all kinds of small and silly things. The sound of the wind blowing through the trees, the feeling of the wind blowing against my face, the rustling of the leaves in the street. The sun on my face. The fact that it didn’t rain although the weather-forecast had predicted rain all day. And besides that, everything went well today. I had slept well and enough hours. (I decided to go to bed really early at 21:30 and it worked. I must have been sound asleep by 22:30 and I got up at 06:00, so I managed to catch my 8 necessary hours of sleep) My hair looked the way I wanted it to look. (Doesn't happen very often, because my hair has a very annoying reaction to wind, rain and just simply the outdoor air) I had my favorite outfit on. (Black of course) In the bus I was able to finish Bored of the Rings. (Oh my god, what a silly, silly, silly book) The bus driver of the city bus was nice for a change, because he saw me running towards his bus and waited for me. (They really don't do that a lot. I sometimes think bus drivers get a perverse pleasure out of watching people just missing their bus) I didn’t have to discuss or write a report on a presentation during the Social Economic Policy lecture. My last lecture ended early which meant I was home an hour earlier than usual. And so on!

Not everyone was having a good day though, ‘cause when I was going home by bus we all witnessed an enormous crash of two cars near Hilvarenbeek. I just hope nobody was hurt, because it looked rather serious.

The small things in life can make me feel really happy. Life can be rather beautiful at times. What a contrast to the way I felt one week ago...


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