Friday, November 12, 2004

What the hell?!?!

If you’ve been away for some time on a holiday or something, you might be shocked about what’s going on in the Netherlands at the moment. A ‘war’ on terrorism. Oh no, wait… we prefer to call it a ‘fight’ against terrorism. Anti-terror actions in several Dutch cities. Arsons in mosques, churches and Islamic schools and even a bomb explosion (at night) in an Islamic school. What the hell!?!?

To me it’s all quit simple. You have extremists in every group, amongst Islamites, Christians, non-religious, natives and foreigners. (I must say these last two are terrible translations for the words ‘autochtonen’ and ‘allochtonen’) I see all that’s been happening in the Netherlands as a violent action and re-action spiral between these extremist groups. One Islamic extremist (if you can call him that at all) decides to kill someone who, to say the least, wasn’t very complimentary about Islamites and the Dutch multicultural society and all of a sudden all hell breaks lose. Everyone who has ever had anything against Islamites or foreigners is using the murder of Theo van Gogh as an excuse to violently make clear what they think about foreigners. All that was needed to set them off was a lame excuse, because with them it’s not really about Theo van Gogh’s death, it’s about hatred against foreigners and nothing more.

The media and the Dutch government are blowing everything out of proportion. They act as if all foreigners and natives are standing opposite each other, but that’s not true at all. As long as we all keep in mind that it’s the extremists in every group that are using violence and not the majority of the group we all stand together against the extremists and not against each other. Someone who sets fire in a church, mosque or school does not represent an entire group of people and that’s what some people seem to forget.

But I would like to apologize for all those ignorant and unintelligent natives who are using violence against foreigners anyway. They are a disgrace to all Dutchmen that do believe in a society where everyone can live peacefully together. We don’t need to agree on everything as we live in a free society, but violence is never a way to express your opinion.


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