Friday, December 24, 2004

I need my PC!

This post hasn’t been uploaded from the computer I normally work on. That’s because our computer has contracted a virus. A very annoying virus, as it just didn’t want to leave. It liked our computer so much it decided to stay and spread with every single scan we performed. Every time our Norman virusscanner would find a virus the entire computer would freeze and the only solution would be to re-start. And after 2 minutes there would be another virus-alert and the computer would freeze again, and so on. So we decided to shut down the virusscanner and try to get rid of the virus another way. Of course we didn’t connect to the internet during the time our scanner was down. We could find the folders and files that were infected, but the virus scanner couldn’t clean them and somehow we couldn’t remove them ourselves either. We tried several other scanners and programs but nothing seemed to work.

In the end we called the person we always call when we have problems with our computer we can’t solve ourselves. He said our harddisk had to be scanned with a clean virusscanner from another computer. So we brought our computer to his place last Monday and we still haven’t got it back. There goes all the planning I had done for this week. I was supposed to work on the Development paper, print the immense amount I still have to read for Growth and work on my third-year special paper. Without your PC that’s rather difficult, because it contains all the files I need. I desperately need my PC! It’s kind of sad I can no longer live without the damn thing…

The final Business Ethics exam I did on Monday was very difficult, but I've still passed it. My end grade is a 6,5 and that’s enough for me as I’ve only been to two of the lectures. :)

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Prettige kerstdagen allemaal! Have a great time and don’t overeat yourself! Enjoy your holiday!


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