Saturday, January 29, 2005

The difference a day makes

Yesterday was a horrible day. One of those days you would like to forget as soon as possible. Our computer broke down (again), so I couldn’t work on my SEB-paper the way I wanted to. I was very near to tears, because there seems to be no end to the troubles with our computer. Furthermore, we received an e-mail from our Development professor, saying we would receive a zero for our paper if we didn’t add quotation-marks for every direct quote we used. We should even be grateful for getting the chance to correct our paper. We never even knew we had to use quotations marks. We thought footnoots with the source of the information were enough. So now we’re all stressed about correcting the paper and passing the subject. In a nutshell, I felt like shit. Both mentally and physically.

But that was yesterday. Today, I’m feeling rather happy. Everything seems to be going well. My SEB-paper is coming along nicely. I’ve been able to buy 4 Terry Pratchett pockets for the price of 2 and am well on my way to completing my Discworld collection. My daily 45 minutes of exercise on our hometrainer and crosstrainer are getting easier and more fun by the day. I feel good about helping out my mother with the housekeeping. (She’s rheumatic, and because the pain is getting worse she can’t do everything she used to do. So we all have to help out as much as possible. This naturally means I do almost everything and my father and brother do as little as possible.) Walking about the streets with my long black skirt, black boots, black coat and black cap on and seeing people staring makes me smile. The present I ordered for my best friends birthday arrived today. I think it’s beautiful and I suspect she will like it as well. And I can’t even be bothered by my brother being a complete asshole.

Today, everything is right and I feel generally good.We’ll just have to wait and see what tomorrow will bring…


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