Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I’ve been wanting to update for some days, but there was something wrong with our internet connection. It’s working again today, so here’s the update.

Last Wednesday I had my oral exam for Growth. It went okay, not too bad but not very good either. The professor gave me a 7 (out of 10) which I feel was more than I deserved. I’m just glad it’s over…

I’m currently working on my third-year special paper and the essay I have to write for Social Economic Policy (SEB), the two last things I have to finish before I can start on my final special paper. I’m extremely pissed at my SEB professor and this is why: For the SEB-lectures we had to read two immense papers every week. During the lectures these papers were presented by two students a paper and every presentation was followed by a discussion. For every presentation + discussion two students were assigned to write a report and hand it in. These reports would become available as soon as the lectures had finished in December and they would be a major help in writing the required essay. Because the reports would become available there was no need to take notes during the lectures. You can probably already guess what happened next.

About a week ago I and some other students decided to send our professor an e-mail because the reports still hadn’t appeared on the internet. The response: “I do not intend to put them up.”


No explanation whatsoever, just this very short announcement. If we hadn’t mailed him we wouldn’t even have known they weren’t going to appear and we would have just kept waiting for them, because he told us from the very first lecture they would become available. I couldn’t stop cursing for a full five minutes when I saw his mail. What is he thinking? I can’t understand why he has decided no to put them up. Did we do something wrong or what? It all means a considerable amount of extra work and an intsense feeling of being screwed. I'm so frustrated right now...


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