Sunday, February 20, 2005

just updating....

I haven’t been updating much lately simply because nothing much has been happening. At the moment my life is a concatenation of sitting at home working on my third-year essay, helping out my mother in the housekeeping, sleeping, exercising and spending as much time behind the computer as possible.

This Wednesday I’m going to see the professor that’s supposed to help me with my essay. My tutor, for lack of a better English word. I emailed him over a week-and-a-half ago to schedule an appointment, but he only has time for me this Wednesday. That was a major disappointment because it means I will be delayed in finishing the essay. I didn’t want to waste 2 entire weeks waiting for the appointment and doing nothing so I started on my essay anyway and I’ve almost finished it. I hope my tutor isn’t going to tell me all the work I’ve been doing was for nothing. Hopefully I won’t have to make too many changes. I just finally want to finish it because it’s driving me mad and I want to start on my final essay… Maybe some of you are wondering what my essay is about, although I suspect you probably aren’t. But I’m going to tell you anyway! My main question is ‘How to improve the position of non-natives on the labour market’. It’s truly a very interesting topic and it’s given me much more understanding in why non-natives seem to lag behind natives on so many areas. I hope I’ll be able to find a subject for my final essay that’s as interesting and educational as this topic has been.

Saturday the 12th I went to my best friends’ birthday party. Two people cancelled because they were ill and one person just didn’t show up, but we had a wonderful time anyway. I had a bit too much wine, but I certainly wasn’t the only one who had too much alcohol that evening/night. Our birthday-girl even left us some time during the night to sleep off the wine. Now you’re all probably thinking the party was a major drinking feast, but I assure you it wasn’t! It was just very very very sociable (gezellig). And if some people don’t think being a real friend means calling the birthday-girl if you can’t make it to her party for whatever reason, that’s just fine. I happen to think it’s very normal to let the person know if you are not able to drop by, but who am I???


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