Thursday, February 24, 2005

Wednesday 23/02: Appointment with tutor 11.00

Woke up at 5 in the morning thinking I hadn’t heard my alarm and had overslept. Slept on. Woke up at 6 again, but was able to sleep on. Woke up at 7.15. Wasn’t able to get to sleep again. Got up at 8. Felt really tired. Ate some sandwiches. Put on my boots because it was snowing outside. Walked to the bus stop. Got on the bus. Read some Terry Pratchett. Almost laughed out loud. Read some more. Arrived at the bus station in Tilburg. Just managed to catch the city-bus to university. Felt confused when everyone got out a stop too early. Decided to get out as well. Made a good decision. Bus drove differently because of work on the road. Felt stupid for not knowing. Felt weird to go to university again for the first time in almost two months. Got there at 10.10. Went to the university restaurant. Waited and read more Pratchett. Waited some more. Went to the toilet. Walked to building B. Got on the elevator. Walked to his office. Got there a bit too early, but he was there. Went inside and sat down. 10.55….

….11.10. Sat inside the university restaurant. Waited, read and ate. Walked to the bus stop at 11.40. Caught the city bus. Waited at the station for my bus. Got on the 12.06 bus. Read and slept some more. Was home at 13.07. Felt tired. Felt like the most useless trip to university ever. Felt like I could have used those hours differently and in a much better way. Felt like the most useless appointment ever...


Why the hell didn’t he tell me 2 weeks ago through e-mail what he told me during the ‘appointment’? “It's okay. Make sure it’s not boring, but interesting to read.” That was it. That was all he had to say about the plan I had made for writing my essay. What an incredibly useless way to spend your day…


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