Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Things to look forward to

I just saw the covers of the upcoming Harry Potter (HP and the Half-Blood Prince) on this website with all the latest news on HP6. The UK Adult Edition-cover looks very promising. Advanced Potion making on the cover means more Snape and possibly more Occlumency lessons. That’s enough to get me excited about the 16th of July.

I’m also excited about the upcoming movie Mirrormask, from the creative minds of Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean and the Jim Henson Company. I love them all, so a collaboration between the three should be good and is definitely something to look forward to. I just watched the trailer on the Mirrormask website and I like it! It’s weird, freaky and very much in the style of Dave McKean’s artwork. It’s going to be a very unique movie that’s very different from what we’ve seen before. Hopefully the movie will appear in a cinema around here, because I’d love to see it on the big screen.

The third thing I’m excited about is the upcoming Elf Fantasy Fair (23rd and 24th of April). Terry Pratchett, who is one of my favourite writers, is one of the guests. That’s reason enough for me to want to go. John Howe, Ted Nasmith, Andy Serkis, Lawrence Makoare and all the other guests are just very nice additions. Faun is also performing on the Fair, which again is a major plus. I would definitely love to go, but who’s going with me??? I don’t exactly feel like going on my own…

I’ve also been keeping up with the line-up of the various music festivals that are taking place later this year (through Festival Info). I went to Rock Werchter last year, but this year the line-up doesn’t really appeal to me. Most line-ups are a bit disappointing this year. The only two festivals that are interesting (to me) this year are Summer Darkness (12/13/14 August) and M’era Luna (13/14 August). The line-ups for these two festivals aren’t even complete, but they are very promising (Hocico, VNV Nation, Faun, Combichrist, Suicide Commando, The Azoic). Too bad they’re being held during the same weekend. Anyone going as well??

So, more than enough things to look forward to!


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