Thursday, April 28, 2005

Me, Myself & I

For all of you who read this blog even though you don’t know me in real life, the image below is me. Of course, I’m not a South Park character, but besides that it’s pretty accurate. At least I think it’s accurate. It’s how I see myself. I wonder whether the people who do actually know me in real life think it’s a good representation of me. I don’t know how other people see me. That’s something that has always puzzled me and still intrigues me. How do people see me? It’s not that I think it’s truly important or that I really care what other people think of me, it’s more a case of curiosity. What do people think of me when they meet me for the first time? And how do people feel about me when they get to know me a bit? How do I present myself to the outside world? Or, how does the outside world think I present myself? I’ll probably never find satisfying answers to those questions...

You can create your own South Park characters here. Have fun!


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