Saturday, April 16, 2005

Soap adventures

It’s been quit a while since my last post. That’s mainly because I’ve finally started working on my final essay. I decided to go for a subject that I find very interesting and want to know more about. My main subject is part-time employment in the Netherlands, how it affects our economy, why we differ so much in part-time employment from other countries etc. I find the subject fascinating, but I can imagine you don’t see the appeal. That’s why I study economics and you don’t. :)

Furthermore, I went to the new Lush-shop in Den Bosch last week with Nizza. I had never been to a Lush shop before, so it was quit an experience! From the moment you step inside your nose is bombarded with smells. And after being inside for five minutes you can’t even smell what you’re holding directly under your nose because your nose is simply satiated (verzadigd) with smells. They have amazing looking and smelling stuff. The only disadvantage of Lush-products is that they’re quit expensive. So I just bought one block of shampoo (The Blonde) and one block of this beautiful lemon soap (Bohemian). After trying these products I must they're worth the money you pay for them. If you’ve become curious about the products they sell just check out the Dutch online shop.

After being to the Lush shop Nizza became all excited about making soap, and she infected me with her enthusiasm as well. Last Wednesday she came round to show me some sites on how to make your own soap and by Friday she had bought and collected all the stuff we would need. So, Friday evening we tried making our own soap by using a hot process soap recipe. It didn’t exactly work. It failed. Somehow… (After some googling today, I think I found the answer to why it didn’t work. We simply didn’t heat it enough.) You can imagine that was a major disappointment, but we’re just going to try again. We won’t stop until we’ve made ourselves some home-made soap!

What else? Well, lately I’ve had this incredible urge to punch my brother in the face. (nothing new really) There’s no need to worry. I won’t degrade myself to physical violence. That’s not my style. I simply bring him down with words. *sneers* (oh, how I love that word!) He should really wake up from his self-centered, sad, little world and get over his ego-tripping. It’s very likely I’ll devote a post to this subject some other time, so I’ll leave it at that for now.


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