Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The European Constitution

As you might have noticed (if you haven’t you’ve probably been in hibernation), the referendum for the European constitution is coming up. On the first of June the citizens of the Netherlands get to vote about whether they agree with the constitution or not.

Personally, I’m against the European constitution. For several reasons, but my main reason is that I believe Europe isn’t ready for a European constitution, or at least not yet. Besides having decent arguments against the constitution I resent the fact that it’s being forced down our throats. The other thing that totally annoys me is the way the Balkenende-cabinet is acting. They don’t respond in a normal fashion to the arguments their opponents put forward. They discredit those people that are against the constitution by treating them like idiots and they strike terror into people by claiming terrible things will happen if people don’t vote in favour of the constitution. They act as if there’s going to be war if the Dutch people reject the constitution! Excuse me, but I thought the Netherlands was a country where people were allowed to make up their own minds! Everyone can very well decide for themselves what they’re going to vote. I guess Balkenende and his friends are becoming a bit desperate, as most polls show that a lot of people are going to vote against the constitution. I am. What about you?

At the eurodusnie-website you can order free posters and free cards to show you’re against the constitution. If you send them an email with your order you will get the posters and cards in the mail some days later.

Something totally different. The commercial for The One Campaign (you know, the one with all the celebrities) can be found here and you can add your signature to The One Declaration here. Yes, I'm an idealist, but there are many of us out there.


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