Sunday, May 15, 2005

Why I want to punch my brother in the face - Part II

This last week my brother has been an even bigger asshole than he usually is. He’s openly hostile towards me and I don’t understand why. Yesterday morning our computer was acting weird when I switched it on, so I asked him nicely whether he could take a look at it because I had to work on my essay. “Sort it out yourself!” He refused to do anything about it and left to his room, to remain there for hours on end just to annoy me. When I went to sit behind the other computer to check my mail (we have two computers, an old and slow one and a new and fast one) my mother was like: “You are not going to sit behind that computer! That computer is for me and your father, and not for you! Get away from it now!” I really don’t understand why I always get punished when my brother is acting like a selfish bastard. It’s no problem that my brother occupies the old computer when I’m working on my essay on the new computer. But when the new computer is broken down, my brother refuses to fix it and I just need to check my mail, it is a problem?! Besides, no one was using the computer at that point, so what’s all the fuss about? Six hours after I had initially asked my brother to take a look at the computer my mother went upstairs and told him to fix it. When she came downstairs she told us (while she was mainly looking at me, she always does that!) she didn’t want to hear one more insult intended for the other one from us. I can’t understand where that came from, so I guess my brother told her I had said something to him. The liar.

Thursday night the doorbell rang at 03.30, in the middle of the night. It was my brother who couldn’t get in because all the doors were locked. As I was the one who locked them he was extremely angry with me and has been ever since. I honestly didn’t even know he was out. My parents always leave a note saying my brother isn’t home yet whenever I’m out before him, so I know to leave the doors unlocked. There was no note this time, so I locked everything when I went to bed. “You could have seen my door was open! You could have seen my jacket was gone!” Sure, as if I’m going to check whether he’s home when he’s been ill all day whining about his stomach. It’s of course extremely logical that while he was so sick he couldn’t go to university he would go to his (no, she’s not my girl)friend and stay away until the middle of the night. I shouldn’t have believed him being ill in the first place. Afterwards I hear he did leave a note, but my mother removed it. I have no idea why. I don’t understand any of it. All I know is that all three of them blame me for my brother being locked out of the house. Sure…


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