Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I know the title isn’t very original, but it’s such a brilliant blogpost-title! This one word exactly describes what blogging is all about. The song is brilliant too, by the way. Insane, but brilliant. :)

Well, what has happened this past week? Nothing much really, so I’m just going to fill this post with useless stuff I haven’t told you yet. I was planning to go to Summer Darkness (a three day cyber-gothic festival in Utrecht) in August with Nizza and Syzygy, but it’s not going to happen… Nizza’s grandparents will be married for 50 years this year and their celebrating during Summer Darkness. As they live in Poland going to Summer Darkness has become a bit impossible. And I don’t feel like going alone. I was really, really looking forward to it, but nothing I can do about it. That’s life. To make me feel better I decided to buy this gothic summer dress from Morgana from the money I was going to use to buy a Summer Darkness-ticket. It fits me perfectly and I'm extremeley pleased with it. I can't wait for a nice summer day. :)

The other day I was working on the Hidden Treasures-website and listening to music when I heard this familiar noise. I thought to myself: ‘Was there jackdaw screeching (kauwengekrijs) in this music before?’ I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t there before, so I put off my headphones and listened more closely to find out where the sound was coming from. Then our stove (kachel) went “pok”. Found it! Some jackdaw had apparently fallen into our chimney and ended up in our stove. So my dad had to rescue it. Thankfully the bird wasn’t struggling or anything, so he had it out quit easily. It was a young jackdaw with beautiful black feathers and bright blue eyes. Most people seem to have an aversion against crows, jackdaws and the like. I don’t really know why people dislike them, maybe because their black or make these weird screeching noises but I like them. I see no reason to dislike them and I love anything black. :)

Have you noticed how I’ve cleverly avoided mentioning my thesis? You may be able to guess why…


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