Thursday, July 14, 2005

My thesis (part 2)

The meeting with my professor went okay. More than okay, actually. I was afraid he wasn’t going to like the subject or my framework, but he wasn’t negative at all. He gave me positive feedback and some useful remarks and suggestions. It was quite a relaxed meeting. We also already set our two next appointments. The only down part is that he’s going to Australia for several weeks in September and October, so that’ll probably mean my graduation isn’t going to be able to take place when I had originally planned. Frell!

I’ll get over it, but whether my mother will is an entirely different question. She’s been bugging me about when my graduation is going to be for months. So I told her it was hopefully going to be around October. Last week, after my aunts birthday party, she told me: “I’ve told the entire family you are graduating in October, so you’d better make sure you do!”. Okay... thanks mom. No pressure, whatsoever...

I’m graduating in my own time, no matter what anyone says. Well, except what the professor says of course, because he has the final decision after all. I'm going to work my ass off during the next 2,5 months, but you can never really say when something is entirely finished.

Furthermore, it kind of surprised me that Bart knows me so well, as we haven’t been reading each other’s blog for that long. (Maybe the icon on the right gave me away?) He is absolutely correct when he says in his comment on my previous post that I’m going to take the necessary time off to read the new Harry Potter book this weekend. Of course. I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t.


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