Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Safari Park Beekse Bergen

Last Tuesday I went to safari park the ‘Beekse Bergen’ with my parents and brother. We had a wonderful day checking out all the animals. Amongst others, the park has a safari by car and a safari you can walk. We did both and because we were there at opening time we had a part of the park for ourselves for some time. It was quiet and serene and you were all alone with the animals. It was an amazing experience.

The later it became, the busier it got. I have nothing against parents with small children, but at least show some responsibility as a parent. First of all, inform your kids properly! An African wild dog is not a hyena and most definitely not a wolf. It doesn’t even look like either! Check the bloody sign if you don’t know what animal you’re looking at. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, keep your mouth shut! Furthermore, keep you hands inside you car if the signs clearly state you’re supposed to keep your windows closed while driving through the leopards-area. What kind of example are you trying to be for your children? And don’t feed the giraffes if the signs state you aren’t supposed to feed any of the animals! It seems like some people just don’t know the meaning of the word responsibility. I’m sorry, but these things just make me angry.

Besides the above frustrations it was a beautiful sunny day, so I wore my long black velour skirt with my black Rammstein-shirt. I noticed people were looking at me. Before, I would have taken the looks in a negative way. They must be looking at me because I’m ugly, fat, or something like that. I was so insecure I couldn’t imagine people could look at me and have something positive in mind. But now, I know they were looking at me because I looked good and different from the average visitor. For some time now, I’m able to take looks in a positive way. It makes life totally different.


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