Thursday, September 29, 2005

Aim achieved

I’ve finally reached my final goal, concerning my weight challenge. I’ve been weighing below 65 kilo for over a month no and I’m going to do everything in my power to keep it that way. I’m actually still losing small amounts of weight every week, so perhaps I’ll even reach 60 kilo at some point. According to my BodyMassIndex I should weigh below 65,5 kilo to have a healthy weight and that’s why I set myself this particular target. I had never hoped, back in November when I stepped on the scales, couldn’t stop crying for over 30 minutes and decided I couldn’t live like this anymore, that I would actually be able to get to 65 kilo. The difference to me is huge, not just in appearance, but on the inside as well. How I feel now is so much different from how I’ve felt for years.

The funny thing is most people don’t seem to notice there’s 17 kilo’s less of me. It’s almost like you have to be a certain age before people notice, because the only people who have ever commented on it directly were all over 40. My family (not meaning my household), old classmates, fellow students, even some of my very close friends have never said anything. I don’t know, sometimes I think they really don’t see the difference, because they’re simply too busy with themselves. I’m not begging for compliments, because ultimately I did this for myself and not for other people. Still, you would think people could at least say you look different or good. Are most people really so self-centered that they don’t notice when other people change?

When I notice someone has lost weight, is looking good or wearing nice cloths, I tell them. Because I know what a compliment can do to a person, it can totally make your day. When my best friend’s parents, who I hadn’t seen in an awfully long time, both told me separate from each other how good I looked I could have hugged them to death. That’s how much it meant to me. This has been the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my life. It’s been extremely hard work and it took a lot of perseverance and strength. I think most people don’t realise that.

I know I’ll have to stick to my routine of daily exercise and healthy food for the rest of my life, but in the end it’s a small price to pay for a healthy and much happier life. If I can do this I can do anything.


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