Saturday, October 15, 2005

It is finished

Last Wednesday I went to see my professor about my final thesis and guess what? He has approved my thesis! I still have to change some very small details, but it’s finally over. I’m so happy! My graduation is set on the 4th of November from 14.00 till 15.00. I’ll have to do a presentation of 10 minutes and after that the two people in my exam-committee will question me for 30 to 40 minutes. I’m not really worried about the questioning, but thinking about it does make me slightly nervous. And of course there's going to be a party afterwards!

Even though my graduation date is set and my final thesis is almost finished there’s still so much to do! I’ll have to go to Tilburg University again next week to print and bind my thesis several times, so I can hand them in to those who need one. That’s going to cost quite a bit of money. Blegh! I’ll have to write my CV, send out letters of application and really start looking for a job. I also want to get my driver’s license as quickly as possible, because being able to drive is probably going to improve my chances of finding a job. I’ll have to let the IB-group, my bank and my assurance company know I’m no longer a student, so they can change my bank account and health insurance. I’m also going to visit the CWI, Integrand and perhaps some employment agencies, so I’ll hopefully be able to find a job. It's going to be a busy, hectic and stressful time.

Because I still have so much to do I have decided not to go to the Den Bosch meeting, as I’m already going to the Train meet. I would have loved to go to both meetings, but I have to set priorities. This is more important at the moment. So I'll hopefully see you all some other time. Enjoy yourselves! *sigh*


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