Saturday, October 29, 2005

Woei! & Blegh!

A quick update concerning the last week-and-a-half. First of all, I went to my third Skwuig-meet, namely the Train-meet. It was great to meet all these new people and see the faces and get to know the people behind the avatars, nicknames and blogs. I didn’t get to talk to everybody of course, but I got to know some really nice people! The two pics below are taken by Tim. He was sitting with us for quite some time, so we were some of his photo-victims. Lastly, I want to give a special thanks to Nesz. You probably know why. I really appreciated it, so thank you!

- Me trying not to look in the camera
- Best friends for over nine years!

What else? Well, I’ve been busy with trying to find work and changing my information at several institutes. Last Wednesday I went to the CWI (Centrum voor Werk en Inkomen). “Hello, I’ll be graduating the 4th of November, so I would like to register.” “-That can all be done on the internet” “Oh, okay.” “- Here’s a sheet that’ll show you how to register on the internet.” “Okay, thanks.”

So, I go home and do what the sheet tells me. I have to fill in information and after I’ve done that I can call a telephone number to make an appointment with a CWI counsellor. Apparently you can fill in part of the information without a special pass. I tried and tried, but the website wasn’t cooperating, so I thought I probably needed a pass after all. Applied for the pass and waited until Friday afternoon before it came with the mail. Activated the pass and tried again, but the website still wasn’t cooperating. Then, a thought came to mind; perhaps this website isn’t working properly in Firefox! Tried Internet Explorer and it worked. Filled in the question, of which some were really incomplete. Wanted to phone afterwards to finally make an appointment, but “You can only phone every workday from 08.30-12.00.”

Aaarggh! Why does it all have to be so laborious (omslachtig)? Why can’t a website that is as important as the CWI’s make sure their website works in all browsers? Why can’t they put a message on the website somewhere that some parts of their website probably don’t work in any browser except IE? Why can’t they just immediately help you in one of their offices? Blegh! I'm pissed off and frustrated already and I haven't even spoken to any CWI counsellor!

I would like to leave you with one last note: Writing application letters is hell!


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