Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"Tiefe Wasser sind nicht still."

The other day Jan-Willem, the father of a friend of my brother, came round to take a look at our dog, as he (Jan-Willem, not the dog) is a veterinarian. Afterwards, he asked my brother whether I had lost weight, because he didn't recognize me anymore. It was over a year ago since we last saw each other, so he wasn't sure I was Hilde or not, because I was so different. It's always the people who do not regularly see me who seem to notice I've changed. A comment like that can really make someone's day. It certainly made mine!

I have to look at a recent picture to see how I look today, because when I look in the mirror I'm still somewhere between the fat girl and how I really look. Only when I see a picture of myself I can truly see how much weight I've lost. Last week I put a picture of last Christmas and a picture of a month ago next to each other and the difference is incredible. My mind is still processing the change. Hopefully I'll be able to see the real me when I look in the mirror in the near future.


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