Thursday, January 12, 2006

Holiday! Celebrate!

Finally, an update! First of all, I know it's a bit late, but that doesn't mean the following isn't well meant. I'd like to wish you all a very hapy new year. I hope 2006 will bring you whatever you're dreaming off or hoping for. All the best!

Last week I took three well-deserved days off from work. My parents had made a reservation for a bungalow in a holiday resort in Vaals for the entire week, but because our dog was too sick to go the kennel they decided to stay at home. Which meant my brother and his friends got to go there the first days of the week and I and my three best friends went for the second half of the week. It was a rather short holiday, but it was great! Talking, cooking, visiting Aken and eating sweets together is all we need. :) I played Machiavelli for the first time and learned some new delicious recipes I'm definately going to make at home. My friends are true chefs in the kitchen.

Since last year we buy each other small presents for Christmas. The goal is to buy four presents that are the same, so everyone has the same present, but at the same time they should be slightly different (for example, different colours). It may sound difficult, but it's not because we're all quite different. I feel blessed to have such good friends. I never thought we would still be together almost five years after leaving the VWO and going our seperate ways. We've had periods in which we were growing apart, but somehow we've always ended up together again.

Tomorrow I'm going to Xotox in the Effenaar with Nizza and Syzygy (and maybe Inge). Another night out with my friends with some very good dance music. I can't wait! I feel like dancing off all my frustrations.


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