Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Why do I always have to ride the same bus as the joint smoking, openly discriminating “gabbers” who are talking as loudly as possible (god forbid the entire bus couldn’t hear their incredibly though stories!) about when they were last arrested and who play their music louder than I thought possible on a MP3-player? Why do I always have to sit near the nauseatingly smelling girl whose perfume hopefully does more for men than for me, because if not so she’s never going to get a man? Why do I when it rains always have to sit in the seat where the roof of the bus is leak, so every 5 minutes a drop of water drops onto my head, coat or bag? Why do I always have to sit near the people that are playing their music so loud I can’t believe they haven’t damaged their hearing yet? Why can’t those people ever listen to some good music and always listen to the same R&B, Top 40 and HipHop crap? Why do I always have to sit near the drunken guy who’s talking to someone no-one else can see and is handsignaling to whoever he’s talking to? Why do I always have to sit near the people whose loud conversations are so incredibly superficial, stupid and pointless I almost feel sorry for them? Why have I come across these situations more often in the last three months I’ve been travelling to Eindhoven than in the four years I travelled to Tilburg on a daily basis? Why? Why?! Why?!?!

Me, frustrated? Nooooo, you got that all wrong! Seriously! I’m not frustrated at all. I have no clue why you would think that…


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