Tuesday, April 18, 2006

# Rant from a Harry Potter Junkie #

My best friend, who always said everything concerning Harry Potter was stupid (except perhaps Alan Rickman and Gary Oldman) and hereby more or less implied everyone who read Harry Potter (including me) was kind of stupid and she herself would never read the books, has just finished all the six books in record time and is currently just as HP obsessed as I am. It’s great! I finally have someone close to me to exchange wonderful artwork, dumb parodies and insane fan fiction with!

We mostly think very alike about HP stuff. We both like the second movie Dumbledore better than the first one. Really enjoy the new characters Luna and Tonks. Can’t wait to see Umbridge in the next movie. Think Tonks and Lupin should hook up. Feel like the wonderful actors in the “minor” roles should be used more frequently throughout the movies. Are very much intrigued by the character of Severus Snape, but would probably go for Lupin in real life. And simply can’t wait for the next movie, because OotP is one of our favorite books. Naturally we can’t wait for the next book either, but there’s no need to explain that one.

# End of rant from a HP & SS Junkie #

P.S. I just had to show you three of my favorite Snape-inspired artworks. Couldn't help myself!


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