Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The other day I was having dinner with my family and I asked them about their experiences with our Hidden Treasures soap, because we are always interested in what people think of our products. My mother said that one of the soaps didn't foam that well, so she suggested we change the ingredients a bit. Than my father said he very much liked the new soap in the shower because it foamed really really good. I asked him whether he meant the Dude. He said it was the yellow one with the little flowers on top. I was thinking so hard my brain must have made noise, trying to figure out which of our soaps he meant. And than it hit me.

"Dad, it foamed so much because that isn't a piece of soap, that's a shampoo-bar!" I immediately went to check in the bathroom and he had used up half of my very expensive Lush shampoo-bar! Seriously, half the bar was just gone! Using my stuff is one thing, but using up half of it in one go? That's just insane. Let's just say I was slightly annoyed during the rest of the day...


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