Friday, June 30, 2006

Long live public transportation!

As you might have noticed I've changed the haloscan comments to blogger comments, as I'd heard from two different people that the comments weren't working properly on their computer. So, that's why all the previous comments are gone.

Last Monday the summer holiday bus timetable started and it's an absolute hell! In the morning it's not much of a problem, but when I have to go home between 16.30 and 17.30 it's dreadful. I don't understand why they start with the "holiday" timetable when everyone still has to go to school and work and obviously doesn't have a holiday yet! Normally around rush hour there are six busses an hour (of which 4 are so called 'sneldiensten'), but now there are only two, so all the people who are normally divided over three busses have to go on one single bus.

You probably get the picture. The stop I get on is the first stop after the bus leaves from the station, but by that time the bus is already chock-full. It's truly amazing how many people can fit in one bus if they have to. It's just the one thing you can't take when you've had to get up at 6.20 in the morning, have worked hard the entire day, are hungry and dying to get home. Having to stand for almost an hour, too close to people to be comfortable, trying to hold yourself up the entire time and the bus getting hotter and more oppresive by the minute.

Long live the Dutch public transportation system! Grmbl....


Blogger Mshell said...

I think you shouldn't complain about the public transport system in The Netherlands. Here in India it is a milion times worse! We went in a bus which they told us was an express bus and would take 4hrs and would leave at 11.30. In the end it would take 7 hrs and would leave at 1pm and stop for an hour at some crappy busstation in the burning heat. Worse was that there were so many people packed in that they had to lean over the seats that were you had to sit with three persons on a seat that was more adept for two. And even if it was full it stopped in every little village on the way to pick up more people. When we arrived at our destination we were totally exhausted!


30/6/06 16:12  
Blogger Nez said...

Ik noem bus twaalf. 25 m bus, en wat, 120 mensen erin? Meer, weet ik het? Busreizen is gewoon tres afschuwelijk.

2/7/06 00:27  
Blogger Cheeky Monkey said...

Oh, dat haat ik nou ook! Ik snap echt niet dat ze al zo vroeg over zijn gestapt op de vakantiedienstregeling! *kijkt sjaggie* Mijn lieve sneldiensten allemaal weg!

2/7/06 11:31  
Blogger Juhani Zimarin said...

Oh, bus 12 is inderdaad een absolute hel! Mijn tram is in de zomer ook ingekort, van twee tramstellen (waarin je al flink moet proppen in de spits) naar één treinstel: au!
De mensen die die regels verzinnen, rijden in dikke mercedessen. Sukkels.

2/7/06 20:24  
Blogger Nefke said...

Ah ja ik vermijd bussen zoveel mogelijk. Zeker in de zomer zijn ze warm en vol. Brrrr.

3/7/06 11:51  
Blogger Amys Dark Rose said...

off topic maar... ik vroeg me af of je de Neil Gaiman/Dave Mc Kean film Mirrormask hebt gezien?

15/7/06 17:07  

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