Thursday, July 06, 2006

Continuation of Long Story

Thank you for all your kind comments. I told my mother yesterday that I was really hurt by what she said last Sunday and that I still wasn't over it. Then she said she wasn't over it either, which is a comment I still don't comprehend... What came up was that apparently she hadn't even noticed all the work I had done in the bathroom last Saturday. So, she didn't go into last Sunday's rant knowing everything I had done. Not that that justifies it. She could have apologized after I told her, but she didn't...

I don't know what to think anymore. I've helped a lot in the household (as much as possible during a working week) during these last few days, just to prove that I try hard and do my best. Just to make extra sure nothing can authorise her behaviour. I also transferred my doubled board money (kostgeld) to her bank account. If all of this still is not enough than there's no way it's ever going to be enough. I will never understand why I always get everything put on my plate while there are two other people in my family too. I've never been able to get across to them how unfair they/she can be. I just wish I could already pay for my own little place and leave this bullshit behind, but I'm not quite there yet...


Blogger Juhani Zimarin said...

Jezelf niet overwerken hoor, daar raak je alleen maar meer gestressd van. En misschien kan je beginnen met een huurhuisje, daar woon ik nu ook en dat is prima te betalen.

6/7/06 20:30  
Blogger Nizza said...

*hugs* :)

6/7/06 22:07  
Blogger Liesl said...

Every family has it's black sheep. You blend in perfectly, but your work goes unnoticed. Maybe your mother should start opening her eyes and see what the men around her home tend to do... Maybe she'll appreciate you more.

7/7/06 09:12  
Blogger bart said...

i'll stick to my previous comment and echo what liesl wrote as well... it would be worth your while getting your brother and your father to see what's really going on, irrespective of what you've been doing yourself...]

they need to pull their weight themselves, do their bit and help as much as they can... although your mother would do well to be a bit more receptive of the help she's been receiving from you, your other family members need to be impressed of the need to cooperate and participate themselves...

am i making sense? i hope so :P

keep well :D

8/7/06 01:17  
Blogger Suus said...

Famillie... je kan niet met ze en zonder ze.
Ik weet niet zoveel te commenten. Behalve dat je geweldige plaatjes hebt van Deaht! ^^

10/7/06 16:13  
Blogger Nienna, Lady of Sorrows said...

I still think you should probably try to get your own place, in order to save what is left of your relationship with your family. This will only build up and get worse, until things are irreparable. She might actually come to appreciate you once you're gone. is it an option to find a place of your own? *megahugs*

12/7/06 12:26  

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