Thursday, July 27, 2006

I feel disappointed, hurt and used.

I know it’s not meant that way, but that doesn't change the way I feel right now…


Blogger Nienna, Lady of Sorrows said...


don't know what's going on, but hope you will feel better soon... if you need to talk here's an ear that'll listen...

27/7/06 19:50  
Blogger Cheeky Monkey said...

Ik weet niet wat het is, maar veel sterkte ermee. *knuffel*

28/7/06 17:19  
Blogger Juhani Zimarin said...

Ik kan me alleen maar bij bovenstaande commenters voegen. *Knuffs* en veel sterkte!

29/7/06 09:57  
Blogger Amys Dark Rose said...


15/8/06 15:47  

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